Felicita Restaurant, Felicita Restoran

The Love For Food

Are you eating to live or living to eat? If you choose the second option, make sure you don’t miss
the opportunity to visit “Felicita”, the first real fine dining restaurant in Antalya, and dive into the
world’s most scrumptious flavours.

Felicita Restaurant, Felicita Restoran

Gourmet Cuisine

Our Chef can cook anything you wish adding his special Felicita style. What is your “Gourmet”
degree? We can explore new divine flavours together.

Felicita Restaurant, Felicita Restoran

International Cuisines

Enjoy our meals of Italian, Asian, Russian and French cuisines with the touch of homemade
flavours. We bring world cuisines to a local level.

Felicita Restaurant, Felicita Restoran

Baked Camembert

Try our oven-baked soft creamy Camembert from Orne region of France. Add it on top of freshly
baked bread, enjoy its rich smell and slightly moldy flavor and turn your dinner into a feast!

Adding New Touches

We are adding some Felicita touches to classic traditional flavors…
Beef cheeks, lamb chops, baked salmon…
Discover new flavors of familiar dishes.

Felicita Fine Dining Restaurant Antalya Felicita Restoran


Enjoy your time in our spacious garden with many gazebos. Have a refreshing lunch or enjoy your
meal, accompanied by long chats in evening summer breeze.

Felicita Fine Dining Restaurant Antalya Felicita Restoran

FELICITA Restaurant

Chic, warm, modern, spacious, bright, elegant купить постельное белье these comments belong to our customers.
We know you will enjoy it, too!

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